BCRY 5 Exporter is a fully asset transfer pipeline from Blender to CryEngine.

Highlighted Features

Fully Shading Exporting

 What you see in Blender, What you get for CryEngine about Surface Normals.

Multiple Animation Exporting

Both characters and geometries, you can export multiple animation with a few click.

Character Physics

You can set skeleton physics and IK limits with Physicalize Skeleton tool.

Player SDK

Now, you can use CryEngine SDK Animations with your custom skins.

Generate Materials

You may export your materials with textures and colors at anytime.

Level of Details

Generate LODs tool creates LODs instead of you.

Custom Normals

BCRY supports custom normals to save normal map slot.

Interactive UDP System

With Interactive UDP System you may easily set UDPs for your meshes.

VCloth V2

With VCloth V2, you can add to your character simulating clothes.